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Most of the trail stretches as an off-road path which is a lot healthier for runners or walkers who have joint problems. Soft ground allows them to feel much more comfortable. The construction of the trail was inspired by Lithuanian Runners’ Community and is highly recommended for trail runners. The official start of the route is a hill named Stalo kalnas in the centre of Vilnius, but you can start the route from any point or cover it in separate sections.

Below you will find the full trail map, information about trail markings and sections and you will be able to download the trail map adapted to various running apps.

Trail mark No 1

Throughout the trail you will find markings with such stickers which are glued on to specially inserted or already installed metal and wooden columns and luminaires supports.

Trail mark No 2
Info point

Through the trail, you will find Info points, which will give you more information about the trail length and dynamic.

Trail mark No 3
Directional signs

Information about the trail is also provided in the direction signs throughout the city.

Sections of the trail

Kalnų parkas (Stalo kalnas)–Užupis–Paupys–Belmontas–Pučkorių atodanga
~9.8 km

Kalnų park/Stalo kalnas – Užupis – Paupys – Belmontas – Pūčkorių atodanga (outcrop)

The complexity of the route is MEDIUM

This section of the trail stretches through Stalo kalnas, the artistic Užupis neighbourhood and the revived Paupys all the way up to Belmonto street. Here the trail takes a turn into the Forest of Belmontas and continues off-road which leads to the Belmonto Mill. From here the trail rises up towards Pūčkoriai.

Start coordinates: 54.686776, 25.300952

Sections GPX file

~11.2 km

Pūčkorių atodanga (outcrop) - Rokantiškės - Pavilnys - Serpentine

The complexity of the route is DIFFICULT

From Pūčkoriai outcrop the trail crosses Stepono Batoro str. and, turning the circle around Rokantiškės, leads through Rokantiškių castle site and Pilaitės Park to Pavilnys. The route continues along Pavilnys streets to Tuputiškės serpentine.

Start coordinates: 54.673555, 25.357958

Sections GPX file

~12.4 km

Serpantine - Pavilnys - Ribiškės - Liepkalnis - Burbiškės

The complexity of the route is MEDIUM

From Tuputiškės, a serpantine trail leads from Pavilnys to Ribiškiai, at which point an off-road section of the route winds through Ribiškių Forest Park until it reaches Liepkalnis. From Liepkalnis, the route leads through Naujininkai neighbourhood (Jotvingių, Kapsų and Dariaus and Girėno streets), via Tūkstantmečio street viaduct where Burbiškės is accessible.

Start coordinates: 54.673555, 25.357958

Sections GPX file

Burbiškės–Aukštieji Paneriai–Žemieji Paneriai
~13.7 km

Burbiškės - Aukštieji Paneriai (descriptive - Upper Paneriai) - Žemieji Paneriai (descriptive – Lower Paneriai)

The complexity of the route is VERY DIFFICULT

In this section, the trail runs alongside Burbiškių street and later leads into Burbiškių Forest Park. This forest path brings travellers close to Panerių railway station. Behind it the trail swirls through a pine forest to the Lower Paneriai.

Start coordinates: 54.657889, 25.258373

Sections GPX file

~9.4 km

Žemieji Paneriai (descriptive – Lower Paneriai) - Riovonys - Gariūnai - Lazdynai

The complexity of the route is DIFFICULT

In Lower Paneriai, the trail goes through Lower Paneriai Forest and barges into Gariūnų street. After passing over the river Neris the path winds up at Bukta Forest Park. From there the route goes towards the Western bypass and crosses it at Sietyno street thus reaching Pasakų Park which connects the trail with Laisvės Avenue.

Start coordinates: 54.643977, 25.197136

Sections GPX file

~8.6 km

Lazdynai – Karoliniškės – Viršuliškės – Šeškinė

The complexity of the route is MEDIUM

The trail continues alongside Laisvės avenue. Once crossed, it brings travellers near Vilnius TV Tower. Having passed the tower, the trail leads into a forest and into an outcrop of a mound near the river Neris. From there the route follows Neris and Karoliniškės Landscape Reserve. Cutting through Narbuto street the route advances through a forest in Viršuliškės and into Ozo street where it steers travellers towards Gelvonų street.

Start coordinates: 54.682094, 25.206500

Sections GPX file

~8 km

Šeškinė – Baltupiai – Jeruzalė – Verkiai Regional Park

The complexity of the route is EASY

From Gelvonų street a right turn leads travellers to Šeškinė OZAS, Fabijoniškės and into Geležinio Vilko street. Then the trail runs through Baltupiai forests and streets until it reaches a roundabout in Santariškės. At the roundabout, the route turns towards Žaliųjų Ežerų street and leads to Verkiai Palace

Start coordinates: 54.714683, 25.257636

Sections GPX file

~19.3 km

Verkiai Regional Park loop

The complexity of the route is MEDIUM

From Verkiai Palace the trail makes a big loop. It goes through Žaliųjų Ežerų (descriptive – The Green Lakes) street towards Sauso lake where it merges with The Green Lakes path. The path leads to Draustinio street which leads all the way to the Green Lakes themselves. The trail circles Lake Balsys and loops back to Verkiai Forest Park and Verkiai Palace.

Start coordinates: 54.752334, 25.295930

Sections GPX file

~9.2 km

Verkiai - Jeruzalė - Žirmūnai - Antakalnis

The complexity of the route is EASY

From Verkiai Palace, the trail follows Verkė stream towards Kalvarijų Forest Park. Here the route continues until it reaches Baltupio stream. After crossing Baltupis, the route heads to Žirmūnai and precedes alongside the river Neris until Valakampiai bridge where it is supposed to be crossed since the route towards Žolyno street continues on the other side of the river.

Start coordinates: 54.751653, 25.295551

Sections GPX file

~9.4 km

Antakalnis - Sapieginė - Kalnų park/Stalo kalnas

The complexity of the route is MEDIUM

In Žolyno Street, the route leads into Antakalnio forests. Whilst trailing alongside the Šveicarijos (descriptive – Swiss) Forest Park travellers arrive in Sapieginė. From there on the trail winds mostly through a hilly forest until it reaches the old Užupis Jewish cemetery located near Olandų street. Stalo kalnas, the official starting and ending point of the trail is on the other side of the street.

Start coordinates: 54.710591, 25.320869

Sections GPX file



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